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We tend to get bogged down with our physical lives so that it's easy to be oblivious of the fact that the spirit realms are vast, with so much going on within them of which most of us remain completely unaware. Many strive on that other side of life where lives continue to progress and so much is happening. We will endeavour here to present a small sample of statements made that describe what goes on. And one thing that is certain: wherever we are, whichever side of life, there are always others close by who want to help ... and that is one big reassuring thought.
What happens when you die. Ernest
1998_Jan_12 Ernest-What happens when you[...]
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The Light Escort - A being who helps in the transition from this world to the next.
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The Keeper of Records - One who works in a hall of records in the spirit realm where past life records are kept.
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The Hall of Records - More elucidation on spirit-plane workings
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One through Sue describes Life Tapestries in the spirit realm -1999/02/08
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1999/07/05 - Salumet explains more about 'death' and how our emotions hold us back
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Selena - Angel helper 11/06/05
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Ernest - What happens when we die
1998_01_12v.Ernest-what happens when you[...]
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A lighthearted one, with some thoughts on death.16/12/96
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One with soul connection to group 30/09/2013
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One who seemed to prefer the tipple on this side 03/03.14
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