Welcome to SALUMET & Friends Channelled teachings on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~
       Welcome to SALUMET  &  Friends              Channelled  teachings  on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~             

The aim of this website is to share the work of a dedicated trance-channelling circle, which has chronicled it's work since 1994.  Great ones have gathered, such as the 'Conglomerate being' known as SALUMET, channelled by Eileen, a 'full-trance' medium. (Full-trance means the channel is not conscious of what is said and is therefore free from ego interference.) The knowledge comes from an extremely deep level, covering such topics as Energy, spiritual phenomena, the pyramids, extraterrestrials, healing, meditation and of course, LOVE, TRUTH and the Power of THOUGHT. There is also much information about 'Death' as the journey 'Home' and 'Rescue' work.

The information may challenge your beliefs. We only ask that you strive to keep an open mind, as you embark on this journey of spiritual unfoldment...

Feel free to download /read/listen to the transcripts/audios and share/expand the LOVE...

See also our sister website: https://www.salumet.org/  launched by Graham in 2020, with easy-access A-Z subject avigation.

Full Salumet transcripts in one huge stonking document!
The entire Salumet journey, from when it began in June 1994, till 2023
Salumet - All Trascripts 94 - May 2023.p[...]
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Salumet on Depression
Salumet on Depression.pdf
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Salumet on Abortion
Salumet on Abortion.pdf
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New meditative journey into healing waters via Eileen (9 minutes)
2022_01_10 Healing water med via Eileen.[...]
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Salumet shines Light on what is happening on earth and beyond and gives us a mission:
In your healing moments, ask for help to transmute the density of energy that surrounds you and every other planet at this moment.
The more you ask, the more help we can give.
…keep your feeling of Love and Goodness, and most of all hope that good, will overtake what is unnecessary in your lives.
If you could only see that only one of your thoughts can create this power of movement and spreading wider, if only you could direct your thoughts that it is getting smaller rather than bigger…
…for every decent, good thought that you send out, you can be aware that it spreads as a loving pool and grows and grows…
2021_12_13 Salumet.pdf
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Video of meeting filmed in 2011:

The SALUMET Group - past and present members. From top left: Sara & Graham, Natalie, Ann, George, Leslie, Lilian, Eileen, (middle left): Mark, Sabine, Paul, Ben, Jan, Richard, Sue, (bottom left): Jim, Rod & Daphne, Emily, Sarah, Serena, Di, Claire.

Index of transcripts/teachings
Salumet Transcript archive index 94-16.p[...]
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The SALUMET transcripts - 1994 to 2007- (the first 14 years - 1403 pages!)
Salumet 94-2007 - ready.pdf
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The SALUMET transcripts II - 2008 to 2020
Salumet 2008-2020.pdf
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Salumet speaks on being positive and accepting our planet's evolution - the bigger picture - other universes - other existences...
2017_05_01 salumet.pdf
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