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       Welcome to SALUMET  &  Friends              Channelled  teachings  on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~             

The following meditations are suggested in the book: Tales of Love and Light...

It is assumed that you have some basic experience of meditation: Do not listen to when driving, operating mechinery etc. All these audios are freely downloadable, so you don't have to be online, in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. For further information, please read Salumet's guidance on Meditation:


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Salumet guides a meditation of healing. (2016/08/01—5 minutes)
2016_08_01 Salumet meditation of Healing[...]
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One through Eileen takes us on a Meditative journey into healing waters to erase worries: (2022/01/10—9 minutes)
2022_01_10 Healing water med via Eileen.[...]
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Another through Eileen takes us on a meditative journey to meet someone. (2022/09/12—13 minutes)—
2022_09_12.mp3 Med journey to recognise [...]
MP3 audio file [2.9 MB]
One through Eileen takes us on a meditative journey up golden steps. (2019/12/02—10 minutes)—
2019_12_02 One via Eileen-Meditation-6 g[...]
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Salumet takes us on a guided meditation: Opening to the White Light—connecting to Spirit. (6 minutes—2007/09/24)—
2007_09_24 salumet meditaion-opening to [...]
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Graham takes us on a meditative journey with wands of Love. (2023/05/22—6 minutes)—
2023_05_22 Graham love wand med.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.4 MB]
Sara takes us on a ‘Joie de vivre’ journey opening the Heart. (2023/07/22—4 minutes)–
2023_07_03 med via Sara.mp3
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Graham takes us on a journey to the diamond tree of healing (2023/11/13 - 7 minutes)
Graham's diamond tree med of healing.mp3
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Leslie Bone takes us on a longer meditative walk through a Spirit Garden. (1995/05/10—30 minutes)
1995_07_10 Les-Med journey though spirit[...]
MP3 audio file [6.9 MB]

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