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       Welcome to SALUMET  &  Friends              Channelled  teachings  on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~             

It has been our privilege to have received many wonderful visitors over the years. Some have been brought by Salumet as special guests; adding further information to enhance our understandings. Others have come because, for various reasons, they desired to reconnect in this way with the physical world to convey useful information or to clarify past happenings. shedding light on elements of our Earthly history. Various connections of the statements made by the two queens to the written record, have been presented in the book: 'A Smudge in Time'.

Sophia Augusta Frederica began life as the daughter of a Prussian general. Her name was changed in the Russian Court and she became known to the world as 'Catherine'. Under her rule Russia would modernise, become a leading power in Europe, and conditions for her people would improve. We learn from this illustrious lady how there was good reason for the stories about her personal lifestyle.

Catherine the Great - Empress of All the Russias (1762-1796)
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"My heart belonged in France ... it matters not now ... these facts are well dispatched". Very understandable, being born of a French mother, Marie de Guise, living her early years in the French Court and much admired for her beauty ... equally understandable that her departing words at execution should be in French: "Je suis! ... Je suis!" And after the hush, were cries that included: "So perish all the Queen's and all the Gospel's enemies."

Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots (1542-1587)
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Sir Winston had a very long political career spanning two world wars, and was Prime Minister 1940-1945 and again 1951-1955. But he was much more than a respected National Leader and orator, delivering many fine speeches. He was the first Prime Minister to have received the Nobel Prize for Literature and was made an Honorary citizen of the United States. And, although a brief visit, we were absolutely delighted to have him with us.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
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On the night of July 16th 1918, eleven people, the Russian Royal Family, the Romanov family, were murdered. They were: Tsar Nicholas II, Alexandra the Tsaritsa, Olga - 22-year old daughter, Tatiana - 21-year old daughter, Maria - 18 years, Anastasia - 17-years, Alexei - the Tsarevich - 13-years, Botkin - family doctor, Trupp - valet, Demidova - maid, Kharitonov - cook. They were shot and the bodies loaded onto a truck for disposal.

One of the Russian Romanov family. (exact identity not given) Followed by a control through Leslie, giving further elucidation.
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Emma Hardinge-Britten (1823-1899) - advocate for early modern spiritualist movement This dear lady continues her work in spirit, helping to liberate downtrodden women.

Emma Hardinge-Britten
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04/03/2013 Emma visit
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04/11/2013 Emma visit
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Recent Emma visit
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Joseph Merrick - 2004_09_24
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