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WHAT IS A PHENOMENON ? We define 'Phenomenon' as: something perceived, the cause of which is in question or is unknown. Just a few examples are 'ghosts', 'poltergeists', spontaneous combustion', 'synchronicity' and 'infinity'. These things are all observed in our world and are well documented yet they remain unexplained or perhaps we just cannot quite get our heads around them. But of course, they become explainable if we think beyond the regular intellectual and media format. We shall endeavour here to explain such things with appropriate reference to the words of Salumet and others from spirit and those of our dear Aeran friend Bonniol.

GHOSTS: Reference to these has been made in literature from very early times. Homer gave description and there is mention in the Bible in connection with Samuel and Jesus. Leslie asked Salumet if he would explain the nature of 'ghost' in an early session (16th January 1995), which he was pleased to do in simple terms. Our familiar 'physical body' relates to the 'etheric', which in turn relates to 'spirit / soul'. What we term 'ghost' arises from residual energy imprinted on the etheric. The energy may come from a person, an event or a 'thing'. The energy of the imprint may also come from a spirit. The apparition that is seen may appear 'shadowy' or 'solid', depending on several contributary factors. An individual's thought energy can feed into the apparition to make it more substantial or more permanent.

POLTERGEIST: A German word meaning 'rumble ghost' or 'noisy ghost'. Poltergeists can move or throw objects and often happen in a particular location. The reality of poltergeists is underlined by their having been observed by police / CID / physicists and reporters, and it is significant that some parapsychologists point out that the phenomena occur in the vicinity of a 'focus' person. Salumet has pointed out that, in poltergeist activity, energy from a particular person (the 'focus' person) feeds into the apparition. Energy of various categories may come from an adult, or young children may provide a 'pure energy' source.

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION (SHC): It was in the year 1673 that Jonas Dupont published a collection of accounts of SHC. He was inspired in this by what happened to Nicole Millet, who had quite suddenly been reduced to ash whilst straw matting on which she had been lying was only slightly damaged. Spontaneous human combustion remains a rare event but it is a happening that continues to occur in today's world from time to time. Western scientists remain puzzled and have thus far been unsuccessful in arriving at a mechanism that explains that which has been observed. (This is the price that has to be paid for trying to explain such things in purely 'material' terms.) The fact is, SHC is simply not explainable in this way. The phenomenon has been well known and understood from ancient times in the East, where the ways of spirit and spiritual process have long been readily accepted. A sensible account will be found in Swami Rama's book: 'Living With The Himalayan Masters' - Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy of the USA (1980). And there have been knowledgable ones in the East who have actually deliberately USED 'controlled-SHC' as a neat way of disposing of their own bodies at time of physical death. The ancient scripture 'Mahakala Nidhi' details the method, and knowledge of controlled-SHC was imparted by Yama to his disciple Nachiketa in the 'Kathopanishad'. We have to recognise that the subtle energies within the human body are enormous and on extremely rare occasions they may become sufficiently disarranged to result in complete or near-complete destruction of the physical body. At this point in time, Western science has no understanding or recognition of the energies involved and appears to have no regard for the Eastern scriptures. Salumet of course is all-knowing and has a full understanding. He has spoken on the topic, is confirming of the reality of controlled-SHC, not that the procedure is particularly merititious or otherwise. He is confirming of the Ancient East having had a correct understanding of the nature of SHC, and makes the point that our continued existence is in no way precariously balanced; much time being required in leading up to the natural rare event, possibly even more than one single lifetime.

SYNCHRONICITY: The term was coined by the Swiss founder of Analytical Psychology Carl G Jung. He realised that whilst the majority of Earthly events are clearly subject to some form of 'cause' and connect to 'probability law', certain happenings are different and do not. These events therefore have an 'acausal' connecting principle. In other words, if two or more coincident events are seen to be causally unrelated they are said to be 'synchronistic'. This may sound complicated, but the unplanned meeting of a relative in the street of a town in a foreign country would be an event in this catagory. Attempts to understand or explain in entirely material terms are difficult, complicated and incomplete. It is all very simple however once we accept that there is a spiritual world and a physical world and the two can interract. This is what makes a synchronicity ... the synchronising of two worlds. It really is as simple as that! Explanation is only made complicated by referring to 'spirit' as 'acausal connecting principle'. And of course, probability law only applies to the physical world and not to spirit connection.

INFINITY / ZERO: We are of course well familiar with the digits 1-9 of our numerical counting system. But what about 'infinity' and 'zero'? They do not fit so neatly into our everyday living; if we go out to buy carrots, we do not buy infinite or zero quantity of them. Although each of these values has become heavily involved in our mathematics (but not without some considerable confusion), it has to be said that they are'philosophical concepts' as opposed to numbers in the true sense. 'Infinity' has been derived from a Latin word meaning 'unboundedness'. And in mathematics it would not make sense to divide zero by infinity or infinity by zero or attempt similar arithmetic process. It is just the ordinary numbers that relate well to our space-time world. Perhaps zero and infinity are better accomodated by the realm of spirit, and this because spirit is without space or time. When discussing origins, Salumet has said: 'Spirit has always been', implying infinite time, in so far as we humans would view it. Our spiritually advanced friend Bonniol has also used intriguing phrases during discussions ... 'It would seem that the physical universe has been endowed with spiritual attributes which allow it to have unlimited possibilities' ... 'we cannot explain using physical laws because we are spiritual' ... 'the universe, with all the stars and planets is a wonderful example, is it not, of the limitlessness of the true nature of life?' So perhaps we need to think beyond this Earthly material domain in order to fully get our heads around infinity and zero. And perhaps we might let one from our 17th-century philosophers, Gottfried Leibnitz, have a final word on 'zero': '... refuge of the divine spirit ... almost an amphibian between being and non-being'.

VISIONS OF MARY: Salumet spoke on Marian visions early in 1995. We had referred to the especially famous ones reported at Lourdes (1858) - a series of 18 visions with the healing spring appearing during the 9th; Fatima (1917) - a series of 6 visions, the 6th before a crowd estimated to be 50,000 ... there were three prophecies - the war coming to an end, there would be World War II if the world does not change its ways, and a third prophecy to be sealed in an envelope and handed to the Vatican with instructions; and Garabandal (1961) - a series of many visions culminating in a miracle that would lead to Russia moving away from atheist communism. Salumet confirms the visions as genuine, also that Mary is a 'Master'. She continues Earthly existence today whilst an aspect of her soul has made the appearances described. Although we refer to them as 'visions', Salumet indicates they are more correctly described as 'materialisations'. Chapter 9 of A Smudge in Time accounts the visions and Mary's meaningful and very important messages to the world.

PROPHECY / PREDICTION: It is observed in Earthly literature that certain individuals from our history have been able to make accurate prediction of (then) future events. Noteworthy examples have been Nostradamus, Saint John and Mary (during her visions). Salumet also has seen fit on occasions to broadly outline Earthly developments or, in the case of nuclear holocaust, point to a non-happening. And he has spoken with us several times on these matters. Firstly there is the clear statement that prophecy is indeed possible and does happen, and confirmation that Nostradamus had the true gift. Careful analysis also reveals this of course, but much controversy arises because its mechanism cannot be understood by intellectual science, or it is simply dismissed as unacceptable. Salumet has attempted to explain the mechanism so far as we might be able to understand, in terms of the complexity of time. Since Earth is created in space-time, our natural view of time is 'linear' with past, present and future (although modern scientists now know that this is not quite 100% true). In spirit, there is no space-time and a condition of 'timelessness' prevails. An Earth-style view of the situation might be that past, present and future join together as one whole. Thought input into spirit continues, so that spirit is living / growing / fluid / evolving. It was once suggested to Salumet that spirit is a collection of past lives; answer: it is one aspect of past life that creates future. So FUTURE is essentially there in spirit whilst its evolution continues. Ones such as Nostradamus are able to, in trance state, access timeless spirit and so become acquainted with future events (that are likely to be only slightly modified). Masters such as Salumet and Mary are already part of that timeless spirit, and simply already 'know'. And what we call 'intuition' is human brain picking up on all that spiritual thought.

ANGELS: Angels exist, there is no doubt about this, but our understanding of them is generally both erroneous as well as confused—dictionary definitions do nothing to clarify and include inappropriate medieval ranking. So perhaps we should close the books and heed the descriptions given direct from spirit. We loosely refer to those helping spirits that are with us as 'guardian angels'. We each have one of these. Strictly speaking, we are told, these (as seen from spirit) are not true angels but 'guides' because they exist within the process of Earthly evolution, have form and have at some time lived physical lives upon the planet. Seen and defined from spirit, the true angels are those greater beings-of-light who are not part of Earthly evolution. As pure energy they have never lived on this planet. As the energy-beings that they are, they have their own evolutionary pathway, not involving form—although they may present themselves in various ways / guises, some of which have been described in St John's Revelation. Salumet himself is of that very same light-being energy domain as the angels, and such beings are endowed with 'all-knowledge'. As a Master and Teacher he, as he himself has stated, differs from the angels only in 'job description'. A part of that angelic evolution would be the ever-increasing all-knowledge' that of course links to cosmic evolution. These greater angels—the true angels—watch over planetary evolution. One further thing—artists often depict angelic form, as sensed or presented on occasions—to include wings. This is not quite right. We are told, there are no feathers—it is instead, a bright energy configuration about the head and shoulders that has been seen.

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Copyright statement: Quotes from this website, if accurate and in proper context, may be used elsewhere. If audios, whole paragraphs and more are concerned, permission should be sought.