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  Leslie: Group founder                                                                                                       Eileen: Full-trance                         + leader for many years                                                                      channel for Salumet

The aim of this website is to present the work of our circle of spiritual seekers, who have been doing trance work for many years and carefully recording and transcribing each session, in the hope that some of the knowledge can be freely shared. We hope this will bring greater spiritual understanding to the Earth at this time. Many great ones have gathered and some amazing connections have been made. The one known to us as Salumet, has never walked the Earth and comes from 'deeper spirit' bringing awareness and teaching from Angelic Realms. 
Other speakers are known from Earthly history, such as Emma Hardinge-Britten, Mary Stuart, Catherine the Great and Sir Winston Churchill.  There are powerful Native American Indian speakers and some
 beautifully spoken ones from holy orders such as 'Sister Anna'. And then there is Bonniol, a dear friend from a distant planet. 

You may find some of the information presented challenges your beliefs. We are certainly challenged at times. We only ask that you strive to be of open mind, as you embark on this journey of spiritual unfoldment...

Feel free to downlaod and read the transcripts below or go to acrchives for individual sessions.

Index of transcripts/teachings
Salumet Transcript archive index 94-16.p[...]
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Salumet speaks on being positive and accepting our planet's evolution - the bigger picture - other universes - other existences...
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The SALUMET transcripts - 1994 to 2007- (the first 14 years - 1403 pages!)
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The SALUMET transcripts II - 2008 to 2015
2008-2015 - ready.pdf
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Pre-Incan language - no longer spoken on the earth
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The Kingsclere Group - some past and present members. From top left: Leslie, Eileen, Lilian, Sarah, George, Ann, Jan, Richard, Mark, Paul, Sara, Graham, Serena, Rod, Daphne, Sue, Jim, Emily & Natalie

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