Welcome to SALUMET & Friends Channelled teachings on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~
       Welcome to SALUMET  &  Friends              Channelled  teachings  on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~             
This was Salumet's first visit of 2020 and topics included so-called 'disasters' and 'cause and effect'/karma, a new energy from the sea mentioned previously, 'special' children with reference to Greta Thunberg, overpopulation and the best direction of beds when sleeping.
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This time Salumet spoke for 51 minutes, with topics including rainbow bodies, signals in nature, sleep and imbalance, darker souls in spirit, new discoveries under the oceans, evolving/becoming lighter, loving ourselves more, become more aware of ourselves as human and spiritual beings. Salumet also said we can create the most beautiful peace throughout our world, if only we will dedicate ourselves to this task.
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