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       Welcome to SALUMET  &  Friends              Channelled  teachings  on: LOVE, TRUTH & the Power of THOUGHT ~             

Salumet audio and transcript library 2022

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2022_01_24 Sal.mp3
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An unexpected visit from Salumet, bringing hope, reminding us about the great and gifted children on earth at this time.
2022_01_24 SAL .pdf
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2022_04_04 salumet 1.mp3
MP3 audio file [865.3 KB]
This was Salumet's 1st visit of 2022, reminding us to keep our Love and Thoughts BRIGHT. He also reminds us to nurture the children and there is a question about author David R Hawkins
2022_01_24 SAL .pdf
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2022_06)06 salumet.mp3
MP3 audio file [2.9 MB]
Salumet explains why Spirit can influence but not interfere with world events, whilst reassuring us about the future of earth and how everything is connected.
2022_06_06 SAL .pdf
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2022_07_25 sal.mp3
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